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These Testimonials are real customer reviews and taken from our Yelp Business page. Find out why QC Guys are rated #1 in Southern California for Whole House Fan Installation and sales!


Ryan and the team at QuietCool guys are awesome. Quality of service, knowledge, and professionalism are stellar. I’m happy to say I’ve done business with the team in multiple homes.

-Lester L.


They were amazing! Done in 45 minutes, laid plastic down and did a great job! The only thing that was a bummer was they forgot their clipboard at home and said they would email me a receipt but I haven’t gotten one yet. Not the end of the world. The work was professional and well done and I love my new fan!

-Kyle K.


Sonny and his crew did a FANTASTIC job!!!  They were fast, courteous, clean, and did a great job explaining the benefits of the Trident 5.5.  Well done!  Thanks Sonny and Robert.

-Doug H.


It was so easy to work with this team of people.  Easy recommendation, easy transaction and delivery. The installation went well and we really like the fan. Have you ever cooked fish then the next morning the odor is still on your kitchen? No more at our house! We turn the fan on for 15 minutes and the house smells fresh again. The fan clears odors and brings in fresh cool air. A must for any home.

-Barbara L.


Had my whole house fan installed. Talked to Drew and set up the appt.  Crew came as scheduled. Product and Service was very good. They installed the fan in no time and vacuumed the place afterwards. Highly recommended.

-Jay V.


The reason I went with the QuietCool Guys is for two reasons.  The Yelp reviews and the price.
I really can’t say anything new that the hundreds of other reviewers haven’t said already.  Tommy & Christian are fantastic ambassadors for their company and I couldn’t be happier with how well the system works.

-Aaron S.


QuietCool Guys are awesome! Larry and Alex were super prompt, knowledgeable, efficient, and performed a quick and clean installation of a Stealth 7.0 QuietCool Fan. Price was great and appointment was given to match my schedule. I could not recommend QuietCool Guys or Larry and Alex enough! Will be letting my neighbors know who to call when they want a whole house fan!



These guys are great! From the first phone call until they came out to visit our home. Cody and his partner were on time, polite, honest and no pressure. Easy to work with and its obvious they take pride in their work. They are professionals through and through. Highly recommend!



I just got the QuietCool STL PRO-7.0X, and I’m blown away at how well it works.  This thing is legit!  It really cools the house fast, and there’s a serious breeze when it’s on high.  The WIFI app works great. Larry and Robert did an super job.  They discussed the location of the vent with me before proceeding, they were professional, and they left our house clean. (My wife still vacuumed after they left, but that’s just how she rolls.) I went for the biggest QuietCool unit available; I think this was a good call…the more breeze the better.  I called a few places to get quotes, and the QC Guys were the most competitive on cost. I don’t like running the AC when it’s cool outside…just seems so inefficient and a waste of money.  I hope my family uses this thing instead of running the AC so much.  I may lock the Nest thermostats just to make sure. Ha!



I called and spoke with the owner several months ago to ask about our system not cooling like it should. A different company had done the install and I saw good reviews for The QC Guys so I thought I needed to have someone look at or troubleshoot my system. Over the phone I was told that to come out and check the system would be a house call that I would be billed for, even if they didn’t find anything wrong. It was the start of some warm weather and we hadn’t used our QuietCool fan since the previous Summer. The owner explained that when the outside air temperature is within 4-5 degrees of the air inside the house it seems like no cooler air is coming in. He reminded me the proper way to crack my windows and to wait until the outside air was cooler, then when I used my whole house fan we would feel the air moving. He said if it still didn’t make a difference to call again. I did what he recommended and it did cool the house. There was nothing wrong with our system. This kind of straight information and honesty saved me $90 for a service call. That’s worth a high rating any day of the week.



Charlie and Travis just left a couple minutes ago after installing a QuietCool fan in our house and I have to admit… IT’S AWESOME!!! Called them up on Monday and they were out here on Thursday. He was able to get some basic info from me and gave me a quote over the phone. He said they would come out to make sure my house was suitable for the fan and if so they could install it right then. Charlie and Travis were right on time, took a quick look in my attic and started the install immediately as promised. It took about an hour and a half (about 30 minutes longer than usual) but that’s because I have a 1950’s house that is all plaster inside so it took a little extra time to get all the holes cut properly. The finished product is seamless and the fan works perfectly. Sitting in front of a cracked window right now. Love feeling the steady breeze cool the house. Charlie and Travis couldn’t have been any nicer / more professional! They took their time to do the work right and explain to me how I can get the most out of the fan. There’s a reason these guys have such a high rating. Would definitely recommend. Today isn’t very warm… Once we’ve had some hot days I’ll update this post to report on how the fan functioned in the heat.

-DJ M.


Had my Stealth Pro 4.8 whole house fan installed today.  Couldn’t be more happy with the service and product.  Cody and Robert came to my house to perform the installation.  They were early to the appointment, professional and overall nice people.  I’m impressed by their service.  They brought a drop sheet and vacuumed after the installation.  They performed a thorough post install quality check and we’re helpful with tips on using the system. I am excited to have this system and can’t wait to use it! Highly recommend the QuietCool Guys!



Installing a whole house fan was entirely my husband’s idea and even though he had mentioned about it to me several times, I didn’t really think much of it except to sign off on it. My husband spends countless hours researching on products and companies before he decides on big purchases, so needless to say, I trust him 100% when he informed me that he made an appt with The QuietCool Guys to install our fan. We had the pleasure of having Cody and Robert come over for installation.  They were on time (early actually), extremely professional, and installed the entire thing in less than 2 hours.  They went over on where to install the vent best, and as reluctant as I was to have a new vent installed in an area that could be easily seen, I was very happy with the end result.  Since I was still vague on the purpose of a whole house fan, Cody was able to explain it to me in detail, and went over how and when to use the fan.  (Our electricity bill was pretty high this past summer, so I am actually really looking forward to using it during the summertime). All in all, this company deserves all their positive reviews and 5 star ratings.  If you happen to have Cody and Robert assigned to your house, you will not be disappointed!  Their knowledge in this field and professionalism will leave you wondering why you waited so long to get a house fan installed 🙂



My wife and I have been going back and forth about spending the money for a whole house fan for many years. We have a Home Depot one in one of our rentals that work okay but is extremely loud and clunky lol. I told my wife about this Quiet Cool fan and we started looking into it. I reached out to a few companies but wasn’t sold on it until I talked to The QC Guys. From the minute I started my conversation with them to the end they made me feel like I was not just a potential customer but part of the QC family. I was sold… The installers were extremely professional and courteous of our property which meant a ton to my wife and I. We have had the fan for several months and have noticed a big saving in our electrical bill. I have referred 4 new clients to The QC Guys and they all share the same experience I have. Family owned business that believes in Customer Service. Thank you QC Guys.



We had a whole house fan at our previous place which worked well but was really loud. So we were sold on the overall concept but wished for a quieter fan for our new place. Found out about QuietCool and called to get a cost estimate. Very good price! They weren’t fully booked since the weather was still cool and had a Saturday appt available. Installers were professional, quick, and tidy. Also helped us figure out the best location. It took them less than 2 hours, maybe only 1.5. Now the weather has warmed up and we’re using the QC quite a lot. It is quiet enough to run on Low overnight to create a slight “breeze”. It’s still fairly quiet on High–the inlet is located in our dining room and we have no trouble having conversation at the dining table with it running on High. Highly recommend both the product and the installers.


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