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      San Diego County QuietCool Whole House Fan Installation

      Advanced Home Energy Concepts, the QC Guys, have been installing whole house fans in San Diego County, California since QuietCool’s beginning. We are experts in whole house fan installation and will be sure to install your whole house fan in your San Diego County Home with precision and care.

      Installation Experts: Since QuietCool was first invented in 2003, we have been installing them in as many customer’s homes as we could. We fully stand behind the QuietCool whole house fans as the best whole house fans on the market.

      Commitment to Quality: As a company, we have a strong commitment to having the highest quality installation every time. We will make sure to go above and beyond to make sure your whole house fan is installed to the highest standard imaginable.

      Licensed Contractor:We are a fully bonded, fully insured, licensed contractor to ensure that every job is done right. Have peace of mind when we are installing your whole house fan.

      For climates like San Diego, QuietCool whole house fans are the perfect match for all homeowners in all San Diego cities. Whether you are located near the coastal area or further inland, QuietCool whole house fans can help to cool your home. In all areas, the best use of a QuietCool whole house fan is to turn off the central AC in the late afternoon or evening when the outside air temperature is below 80 degrees and at the same time turn on the QuietCool whole house fan. The QuietCool whole house fan then does the job of removing all the hot air in your home and at the same time cooling your house way better and much faster than an air conditioner with huge savings in your electric bill.

      QuietCool Whole house fans are a great way to provide natural cooling for your home in San Diego. So San Diego residents, how does it works? A QuietCool Whole House Fan is used in lieu of air conditioning throughout the evening & night time, thus providing substantial energy savings. The purpose of the QuietCool Whole House Fan is to remove the hot radiant heat from the house and attic and accelerate the natural cooling effect of bringing cooler outside air into the house through open windows and screen doors while flushing the heat out of your living and attic space.

      By quickly cooling surface temperatures for added comfort, the QuietCool Whole House Fan differs from a central air conditioner that recycles indoor air and generally does not provide any attic cooling. Another primary reason for ventilating your home is to remove indoor air pollutants, odors & excess moisture.

      Whole house fans are most effectively used in dry, arid climates similar to Southern California, Colorado & Nevada and can save a homeowner up to 75%-90% off their air conditioning bill, view whole house fan technical report authored by PG&E WHF Tech Sheet. QuietCool Whole house fans are a great way to increase a home’s market value, by providing an energy-efficient cooling option, help to create a healthier home by ventilating out indoor air pollutants and asthma-triggering particles, and provide a fast rate of ROI (typically within 12 months). They just make sense.

      Traditional whole house fans have been around for decades and although they are effective in reducing a home’s air conditioning usage, they are extremely loud when in use.

      The QuietCool Whole House Fan System is a “New Generation Product,” based on a proven method of whole-house cooling that has been around for years. It is the most versatile cooling and ventilating system on the market today!

      The QuietCool Whole House Fan fans are a multi-fan and multi-location system that moves large amounts of air per fan. A typical system would be to install one of our higher volume CFM fans in your hallway and a lower CFM fans in each occupied bedroom.

      Simply multiply the square footage of your home by 2-3 to calculate the total CFM (airflow) and number of QC fans that you will need to purchase. Sizing your home for the proper amount of CFM’s is important, since insufficient air flow will not allow for the desired minimum of ten air exchanges per hour, which is recommended by the Home Ventilation Institute. Also, insufficient CFM may not produce an adequate breeze, which is needed to quickly cool the home, attic and skin temperature.

      San Diego County Cities

      Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado, Del Mar, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Imperial Beach, La Mesa, Lemon Grove, National City, Oceanside, Poway, San Diego, San Marcos, Santee, Solana Beach, Vista.