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      San Bernardino County QuietCool WHOLE HOUSE FAN INSTALLATION


      Energy savings


      San Bernardino County QuietCool Whole House Fan Installation

      Advanced Home Energy Concepts, the QC Guys, have been installing whole house fans in San Bernardino County, California since QuietCool’s beginning. We are experts in whole house fan installation and will be sure to install your whole house fan in your San Bernardino County Home with precision and care.

      Installation Experts: Since QuietCool was first invented in 2003, we have been installing them in as many customer’s homes as we could. We fully stand behind the QuietCool whole house fans as the best whole house fans on the market.

      Commitment to Quality: As a company, we have a strong commitment to having the highest quality installation every time. We will make sure to go above and beyond to make sure your whole house fan is installed to the highest standard imaginable.

      Licensed Contractor:We are a fully bonded, fully insured, licensed contractor to ensure that every job is done right. Have peace of mind when we are installing your whole house fan.

      QuietCool whole house fans are the ideal choice for all San Bernardino city homes in climates like San Bernardino. Whether you live inland or close to the seaside, QuietCool whole house fans may assist in cooling your house. The ideal way to utilize a QuietCool whole house fan is to switch off the central air conditioning in any location when the outside air temperature is below 80 degrees in the late afternoon or evening and turn on the QuietCool whole house fan at the same time. The QuietCool whole house fan then completes the task of expelling all the heated air from your home while also chilling it far more effectively and quickly than an air conditioner while also significantly reducing your energy costs.

      An excellent approach to provide your San Bernardino home natural cooling is with QuietCool Whole House Fans. Residents of San Bernardino, how does that work? During the evening and night, a QuietCool Whole House Fan is utilized instead of the air conditioner, resulting in significant energy savings. The QuietCool Whole Home Fan’s function is to remove hot radiant heat from the house and attic and speed up the cooling impact of cooler outside air entering the house through open windows and screen doors while expelling heat from your living and attic area.

      The QuietCool Whole House Fan varies from a central air conditioner, which recycles interior air and typically does not provide any attic cooling, by swiftly lowering surface temperatures for additional comfort. The removal of indoor air contaminants, smells, and excess moisture is another important reason for ventilating your house.

      View the whole house fan technical report written by PG&E WHF Tech Sheet to learn how whole house fans work best in dry, desert climates like Southern California, Colorado, and Nevada. These conditions may save a homeowner up to 75 percent to 90 percent on their air conditioning cost. By offering an energy-efficient cooling alternative, creating a healthier home by blowing out indoor air pollutants and asthma-triggering particles, and delivering a quick rate of ROI, QuietCool Whole House Fans are a wonderful method to boost a home’s market value (typically within 12 months). They just seem reasonable.

      Traditional whole house fans have been around for years, and while they can reduce a home’s need for air conditioning, they are incredibly noisy while in operation.

      A “New Generation Product,” the QuietCool Whole House Fan System is based on an established, long-standing whole-house cooling technique. It is the most adaptable cooling and ventilation system available right now.

      Large volumes of air are moved by each fan in the QuietCool Whole House Fan system, which consists of many fans in multiple locations. Installing a smaller CFM fan in each occupied bedroom and one of our greater volume CFM fans in the corridor constitutes a typical setup.

      To figure out how many QC fans and how much total CFM (airflow) you’ll need to buy, just multiply your home’s square footage by 2-3. The Home Ventilation Institute recommends a minimum of ten air exchanges each hour, thus it is crucial to size your home for the right number of CFMs in order to achieve this goal. Additionally, inadequate CFM can not create enough of a wind, which is necessary to swiftly lower the temperature of the house, attic, and skin.

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