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QuietCool Smart Hub


  • With a simple app download on your smartphone or tablet, the QuietCool can be controlled from anywhere in the home.
  • With the use of the QuietCool Wi-Fi Smart Control, the homeowner can adjust the speed setting for each multi-speed QuietCool and adjust the countdown time to run the fan, from 30 minutes up to 12 hours.
  • The QuietCool app also features push notifications advising the best time to run the QuietCool for the homeowner’s personal temperature settings.

How It Works

To control your fan, tap the desired fan on the Device Management screen. On the fan screen, you have multiple options:

Countdown Timer: The circular scroll-wheel is your countdown timer. Rotate the  wheel clockwise to select the amount of time you would like to run your QuietCool fan (from :30 – 12 hours). If you rotate the  wheel all the way around, you will reach the HOLD option which will keep the fan on indefinitely until you turn it off.

Changing Fan Speed Above the time display is where you set your fan speed. If the fan is a single speed fan, there will be no selection (it will state HIGH). If the fan is a two speed fan, there will be a HIGH and LOW option. If the fan is a three speed fan, there will be a HIGH, MED,  and LOW option.

Once you have set your speed and timer, simply tap START to turn the fan on. These settings can also be adjusted while the fan is running.

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