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      Los Angeles County QuietCool Whole House Fan Installation

      Advanced Home Energy Concepts, the QC Guys, have been installing whole house fans in Los Angeles County, California since QuietCool’s beginning. We are experts in whole house fan installation and will be sure to install your whole house fan in your Los Angeles County Home with precision and care.

      Installation Experts: Since QuietCool was first invented in 2003, we have been installing them in as many customer’s homes as we could. We fully stand behind the QuietCool whole house fans as the best whole house fans on the market.

      Commitment to Quality: As a company, we have a strong commitment to having the highest quality installation every time. We will make sure to go above and beyond to make sure your whole house fan is installed to the highest standard imaginable.

      Licensed Contractor:We are a fully bonded, fully insured, licensed contractor to ensure that every job is done right. Have peace of mind when we are installing your whole house fan.

      QuietCool whole house fans are the best choice for climates like Los Angeles County for all homeowners in all cities in Los Angeles County. QuietCool whole house fans can help cool your home whether you live near the coast or further inland. In all areas, the best way to use a QuietCool whole house fan is to turn off the central air conditioner in the late afternoon or evening when the outside air temperature is below 78 degrees and turn on the QuietCool whole house fan at the same time. The QuietCool whole house fan then gets rid of all the hot air in your home and cools it much better and faster than an air conditioner, saving you a lot of money on your electric bill.

      Whole house fans from QuietCool are a great way to naturally cool your home in Los Angeles. So, how does it work for people in Los Angeles County? During the evening and night, a QuietCool Whole House Fan is used instead of the air conditioner, which saves a lot of energy. The QuietCool Whole House Fan is meant to remove hot radiant heat from the house and attic and speed up the natural cooling effect of cooler outside air coming into the house through open windows and screen doors while flushing the heat out of your living space and attic.

      The QuietCool Whole House Fan is different from a central air conditioner because it quickly lowers surface temperatures to make you feel more comfortable. A central air conditioner recycles indoor air and usually doesn’t cool the attic. One of the main reasons to ventilate your home is to get rid of pollutants, smells, and extra moisture in the air.

      Whole house fans work best in dry, arid climates like Southern California, Colorado, and Nevada. They can save a homeowner up to 50–90% on their air conditioning bill. To learn more, see the PG&E WHF Tech Sheet on whole house fans. QuietCool Whole house fans are a great way to raise a home’s market value because they are an energy-efficient way to cool a home. They also make a home healthier by getting rid of pollutants and asthma-causing particles in the air and have a fast return on investment (typically within 12 months). They are just logical.

      Traditional whole house fans have been around for decades. They work well to reduce the amount of air conditioning a home needs, but they are very loud when they are on.

      The QuietCool Whole House Fan System is a “New Generation Product” that is based on a way to cool the whole house that has been used for years and has been proven to work. It is the most flexible system for cooling and air circulation on the market today.

      The QuietCool Whole House Fan is a system with more than one fan and more than one location. Each fan moves a lot of air. A typical system would be to put one of our fans with a higher CFM in your hallway and one with a lower CFM in each room that is being used.

      Just multiply the square footage of your home by 2-3 to figure out how many CFM (airflow) and QC fans you need to buy. It’s important to make sure your home has the right number of CFMs, because if there isn’t enough air flow, you won’t get the ten air exchanges per hour that the Home Ventilation Institute recommends. Also, if there aren’t enough CFM, the fan might not make enough breeze, which is needed to cool the house, attic, and skin temperature quickly.

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